women's bags

Leather and felt bags are practical accessories for nature-conscious ladies with style.

Whether on holiday, for a walk or at a concert: bags made of leather and felt are functional and accompany you in everyday life as well as on special occasions. They offer plenty of storage options for your personal items or favourite things and can be transported easily, uncomplicatedly and easily. Our women's bags are more than just a practical accessory: they show your personal style and complement your outfits in a special way. Discover the bag with us that ideally fits to you and your appearance and look forward to your new favourite accessory.

Damen Umhängetasche

Woman's crossbody bags

Messenger bags offer space and charisma.

Shoulder bags have long been more than just a means to an end. They are trendy accessories that no lady wants to do without. What demands do you make on your bag? It should be fashionable and comfortable to hold. It must also offer plenty of space. Crossbody bags are real all-rounders. Our models are convincing in terms of design, space and wearing comfort. The discreet colours and classic materials such as leather and felt make them an eye-catcher everywhere: whether in a meeting or a stroll through town.

Messenger Bag

Perfect companion for leisure time and work

What is a messenger bag anyway? The German translation for it is "Kuriertasche" and that is no coincidence. Couriers, postmen and bicycle couriers have long used similar shoulder bags to transport messages and objects. Today, as in the past, it is important that the bag offers sufficient space, is comfortable and does not interfere with transport. We have adapted this type of bag to our style and designed it from felt and leather. Bad weather with a few raindrops cannot harm our Messenger Bags.

Jederzeit genügend Raum für neue Eroberungen. Es gibt kaum Damen, die freiwillig auf einen ausgedehnten Einkaufsbummel verzichten. Gleichgültig, ob Food, Bekleidung oder Accessoires: Der Shopper bietet Ihnen viel Freiraum für Ihre Einkaufstouren. Die Handtasche ist für lange Shopping-Touren und Erkundungen bestens geeignet. Aber unsere Taschen dienen nicht nur einem praxisorientierten Aspekt. Mit tollen Farben, außergewöhnlichen Schnitten und raffinierten Rafinessen und der besonderen Kombination von Filz und Leder komplettiert ein Shopper Ihr Outfit stilvoll. An Kombiniermöglichkeiten mit einer unserer Taschen wird es nicht fehlen.


The shopper: on a shopping spree with felt and leather

Enough room for new conquests at any time. There are hardly any ladies who voluntarily do without an extensive shopping tour. No matter whether it's food, clothing or accessories: the shopper offers you plenty of scope for your shopping trips. The handbag is ideal for long shopping tours and explorations. But our bags don't just serve a practical purpose. With great colours, unusual cuts, many refinements and the special combination of felt and leather a shopper completes your outfit stylishly.

Shoulder bags

Women's bags - from elegant to rustic

The shoulder bag is not without reason a symbol of the lady's bag. It is versatile, wonderfully easy to handle and never gets old-fashioned. You will love a werktat shoulder bag for a long time, because it forms an interesting patina, which makes your bag an impressive unique piece with personality. But also shoulder bags made of felt are completely trendy and up-to-date. With our fancy models you will certainly attract attention everywhere - in the best sense of the word. Our shoulder bags for every outfit - from sporty to street style to the business look.


Women's backpacks are celebrating a big revival and are hanging around relaxed: on your back.

And not only as a practical carrying accessory, but above all as a mega trendy must-have. That's why ladies can now not only wear the latest backpack for a cool city outfit or a weekend trip, the clever option for a shoulder bag is now also en vogue for business style and elegant evening wear. There's a simple reason why this leather backpack is so popular again: it combines high comfort and timeless functionality with stylish design - and it's the indispensable accessory that makes our daily excursions easier. And while the backpack sits comfortably on the back with the hip effect, we have our hands free for the interesting part of life.


The Ladies match bag - our interpretation made of felt and leather

We call this trendy match bag "Meerwerk". With its adjustable cotton rope, you carry the match bag comfortably like a backpack or simply throw it over your shoulder and close it immediately with it. It has enough space for your next excursion or sports lesson.

Your new bag: That's what it's all about

Bags differ not only in design and size, but also in material. Which model you choose depends on your personal taste as well as on the occasion when you want to carry your new piece. Leather models convince with their unique look and special leather feel. The rawhide is tanned before the production of the bags and then greased and waxed to obtain its unique look. Also felt bags are a wonderful choice for your everyday life, because they not only have a timeless design, but also a high durability. Felt is made from sheep's wool, the raw sheep's wool is carded after cleaning and washing and processed into wool fleece. The wool is then felted and processed into woolen felt.

Care of women's bags

Our leather and felt bags do not require special care to protect the bag material. The bags made of natural materials by werktat are robust, easy to care for and are a fashion-conscious supplement for daily use. Over time they become more and more attractive, because the natural materials acquire patina and are insensitive to dirt and moisture. These bags are suitable for use in unpleasant autumn weather with rain and wind as well as for the summer night party with your girlfriends or the extended city stroll through the city centre of Munich, over the Kö in Düsseldorf or over the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

Bags for every occasion.

Dainty and compact or rather generous and roomy: With us you will certainly find the bags that meet your individual criteria. As a versatile companion for work or weekend, the shoulder bag plays itself into the foreground of the action. In this bag you will get your belongings safely to their destination. Shoulder bags are a modern, feminine bag variation. The woman from Stuttgart or Leipzig carries them casually over her shoulder and offers plenty of space for wallet, telephone and all the rest of her valuables. Do you have your Apple or Surface laptop with you every day on the way to the office and want to transport it safely? Then you should take an urgent look at the felt tray bags and leather laptop bags in our shop. The sleeves protect your MacBook or Surface from dirt, moisture, and shocks. In the various side compartments, you can transport additional hardware such as a mouse and charging cable. Leather backpacks present themselves as true grandmasters. With the two carrying straps you distribute the load of the luggage evenly on your shoulders and it provides you with flexible storage space for the day trip. So our bags are clever everyday accessories that not only serve their purpose, but also score with style and character.

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