MacBook cases & sleeves

Investment protection, suitably manufactured, for the laptops with the silver apple

A MacBook case or MacBook sleeve provides protection when transporting your expensive assets with great prospects for the future. Our laptop cases are a return to natural, timeless values in leather and felt with a long-term strategy that's right for you. Everyday ups and downs are as safe as on the stock market: with our MacBook cases, you don't have to panic when it gets harder or when it goes down.

Felt for the MacBook

The lightweight in the ring ...

Felt protects your Macbook Pro or MacBook Air from the knockout in daily boxing fights and absorbs chin hooks, low blows and hits. Small ungentle falls are skilfully absorbed by the felt sleeves and with its unspoilt nature, the high-quality felt not only cuts a fine figure in the ring, but also inspires your colleagues at meetings. The MacBook felt cases from the werktat range are handmade from high-quality 100% virgin wool felt. Convince yourself of MacBook sleeves in many colours from our online shop.

Your MacBook in leather

Durable and supple

Our leather for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air is strong, durable, and durable. The leather sleeves and cases are designed to entice nature lovers with surface textures and rich nuances. Incidents and tests of courage are skillfully ignored by the natural leather and dust and dirt are kept away.

MacBook cases handmade

Felt leather protection with „Wow‘

The personal Macbook case from our small manufactory may already be a bit nifty. Individual material and colour adjustments are part of our daily work and usually do not affect the price. Only after you order your MacBook sleeve in our online shop do we manufacture your leather case or felt sleeve. The wide variety of cases on offer ranges from simple felt sleeves to robust notebook cases.

MacBook Pro Cases

Pro-Taschen aus Filz und Leder für MacBook Pro

MacBoook Pro has been Apple's flagship product for many years: Steve Jobs unveiled the first generation of high-end laptops at Macworld Expo. We make your new MacBook Pro 14", 16" and 13" case or sleeve, perfectly adapted, from our highest quality felt and leather materials.


MacBook Air Sleeves

MacBook Air 13

We want to delight you with our MacBook Air 13" case or sleeve as much as Apple does with your devices during the demonstration at BAM, the Multi-Art Center in Brooklyn, NY. With our natural fabrics felt and leather, we customize our cases to fit the tool with the excellent Retina Display and the M1 chip.



suitable crafted for your MacBook Pro or Macbook Air

In the popularity scale of our MacBook cases, this model comes first. The unique combination of natural felt and vintage-look leather makes the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air cases stand out. We offer this laptop case in two color combinations of felt and leather. more


Our debut work for the MacBook

Fachwerk, the MacBook cover with the flap and the front compartment for mobile phone and notes was the first success in the history of werktat. The MacBook case is made by us in a combination with green or brown leather. more


Beautiful-simple and useful

Fitting for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air we have designed the felt sleeve with the minimal design: 2 layers of best felt made of 100% new wool are sewn with a leather label. The result is the felt sleeve for MacBook, which also offers a practical side effect and serves as a soft underlay. Discover the wide range of colours of our Softwerk felt sleeve: more

Customer video of our MacBook sleeve

felt leather and felt in motion

A great made video of our WERKZEUGTASCHE from an enthusiastic customer. The Apple laptop is stored in the felt and leather MacBook sleeve. Many thanks to Tommy Ruppel for kindly making the video available to us!


MacBook cases for high-tech lovers

The new MacBook Pro comes with M1 Pro chip (up to 10-core CPU with 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores) and has up to 64GB of memory, with insane productivity performance to run multiple work-intensive software programs simultaneously while drastically reducing power consumption. Add to that the sensational Liquid Retina XDR display with Extreme Dynamic Range. The battery life, which is stated to be up to 21 hours, is also very respectable. Except for the protection of the thermo inner rim coated core case in light metal construction, which certainly still needs the protection of a MacBook case made of leather and felt. The felt sleeves and leather cases for the MacBook complete the technological appearance and complete the unit. Our sleeves & cases offer you the best, natural protection with added value and an appearance that suits your posture. All our modern protective sleeves are robust. At werktat you will find the right one for your MacBook. No matter whether you buy a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or a Surface Book, simply select one of our felt & leather bags & covers.

MacBook cases for the designers of the digital future

We make cases for professional, creative people because we believe that we can stimulate creative minds through great design. Accordingly, the care we take with every little thing is important to our users. A MacBook sleeve is infinitely more than a solution for transporting your mobile device. It's a contribution to the technoid, hedonistic, natural lifestyle.

Apple MacBook Pro 14" and 16" with M1 Chip: Felt sleeve or leather case?

How much time do you spend on your MacBook every day? Maybe you're writing a novel, surfing, or doing all the writing that's been waiting too long. You might also book a business flight to Buenos Aires - MacBook is part of your everyday life. And from a t-shirt to a mobile vehicle, you value individuality, but your laptop is simply space gray or silver. So now it's time for the felt case with leather from werktat. With our sleeves you give the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air 13" an individual look and make it unmistakable. Easy to use and durable protection are our basics. You can put yourself in the limelight with the MacBook cases.

Custom made is the magic word for your MacBook case.

Each of our cases is made according to your order: So we can realize your wishes regarding colour and material without any problems. In addition to the Apple MacBook Pro 14 felt sleeve, we also have the leather case to use. During our research, however, we found out from our competitors that fish fillet and salad bouquet, for example, play an important role in optimizing the MacBook sleeves. For example, the competitors' shells are not as slim and yet stable. In addition, they make sure that the beloved MacBook retains its shape and function when it has a medium fit and offer not only the lid, but also a flap like a second skin and a bubble-free closure.

Working with MacBook Air 13" is mobile today.

With our felt sleeves and leather cases this is really no circumstance. And taking some accessories with you shouldn't be a problem with the MacBook felt pouch. Whether you want to carry your wallet or smartphone or both, it's no problem. It's best to buy a MacBook sleeve from werktat online in the shop. Our own blend of leather and felt ensures that your werktat bag does not look like a typical bag made of Swiss truck tarpaulin. This material cannot hide its rustic, natural look. As a result, the felt bag with leather also acquires its character over time when worn by adjusting the usual patina. Besides the colour combination brown and anthracite, the cases are also available in black and grey and the MacBook case has little to complain about. A small moment of inattentiveness and suddenly the MacBook is lying on the floor. If it's also the expensive MacBook Pro, it's even more annoying. To prevent any damage, we've finally added a variety of leather MacBook cases to our collection. Such a case is not only capable of cushioning shocks, it also protects against inconvenient scratches and water splashes.

Your MacBook case becomes more mature and beautiful.

Natural leather - especially with waxed surfaces - develops a unique patina over time that gives your MacBook case its own character. Color changes and structural changes reveal the traces of shared experiences.

When ordering your MacBook case, look for the size and model.

Unfortunately, many customers don't know exactly which model to protect when they buy their MacBook case. This is especially often the case with gifts. To avoid confusion and returns, it's a good idea to get screen size information in advance. The second important information is the model number with date at best, since the devices become thinner with every technological leap.

Is my MacBook felt and leather case easy to clean?

Our leather & felt cases do not need any special material protection. The MacBook sleeves are quite robust against dust, dirt and humidity.

We manufacture laptop sleeves for the following Apple Notebooks:

MacBook Pro 13" (as of November 2016)
MacBook Pro 14" (as of November 2021)
MacBook Pro 16" (as of November 2019)
MacBook Pro 16" (as of November 2021)
MacBook Air 13" (as of November 2018)
MacBook Pro 15" (as of November 2016)

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