tablet sleeves & laptop cases

How to protect your laptop or tablet

The laptop case or tablet sleeve is the simple solution for safe storage of your portable gadget such as tablet PC, notebook or laptop. They protect valuable mobile electronics from damage and dirt. In addition, many of our bags or sleeves offer enough space for cables, memory chip, notebook and fountain pen or pencil. more»

Felt for tablet and laptop cases and sleeves

Mission protective case: maximum safety made of felt

Felt takes over the patronage of all electronic devices such as laptop notebooks and tablets - with its natural features it absorbs shocks and bumps easily and protects your laptop from damage from falls, scratches and dirt. Laptop cases from werktat are made of high-quality felt from pure wool and handmade in many discreet colours. Find out more about our real wool felt tablet sleeves in our online shop.. more»

handmade laptop cases and sleeves

Something special for your daily pleasure: As a small manufactory, we manufacture your tablet case or laptop sleeve according to your order in our shop and thus have the opportunity to respond to individual color requests. Choose from our various models, from the minimalist case to the rustic laptop case to the portfolio. Easy handling and safe storage are important to us, and of course the cases should also look good and provide excitement.

Leather laptop cases and tablet sleeves

Durable leather cases protect expensive notebooks, tablets and laptops

Convincing sleeves and cases made of genuine leather are waiting for practical and nature-loving new owners: werktat leather sleeves are made of durable and tear-resistant leather. The laptop cases patiently and flexibly endure the tearing tests of everyday life and provide for admiration with inimitable structures and nuances.

iPad cases or sleeves

Tablet cases for the latest Apple devices

Your new leather and felt tablet case will be handmade by us to fit iPad 9.7, iPad mini, iPad Air 10.5 and iPad Pro 11 or 12.9

Macbook cases

Safely transport MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The Apple notebooks really deserve a laptop sleeve from werktat and are suitably crafted for it.

Sleeves for Surface

Cases for the Microsoft Surface family

Convincing cases for convincing devices: Our laptop cases and tablet sleeves are made to fit Surface Pro, Surface Go, Surface Book and Surface Laptop.

Clarity in the design of laptop sleeves: the right case for a stylish appearance

When designing laptop cases, we pay attention to the primary task: the protection of your device. The most striking feature of minimalist designs of your tablet or laptop sleeve is a small amount of individual parts and materials and the elimination of superfluous design elements such as patterns or motifs. Consistent reduction provides for more clarity and easy handling, and for maximum protection of your device. Laptop sleeves with minimal complexity and therefore maximum protection and overview for notebook and accessories. No matter whether you choose the sleeve or the case: We are sure that our felt and leather cases will meet your taste.

Laptop sleeves are simple and secure protective sleeves for maximum mobility and flexibility.

Laptops, notebooks and tablets are important, faithful and often beloved tools that you use to organize your free time and parts of your life: but the sensitive technology must be protected when transporting - otherwise there will be scratches and ugly, value-reducing wear on the outside of the laptop. Even worse would be damage to the processor, the hard disk with devastating data loss or screen tears. These are computer experiences one would like to and can do without: A so-called laptop sleeve is probably the easiest and most elegant way to pack, protect and transport your Apple laptop, surface laptop or tablet. The sleeves are actually a kind of slipcase, but made of felt, the felt is sewn up on three sides and has an opening on the fourth side for inserting the sensitive high-tech hardware.

What sleeve size fits my laptop or tablet?

The correct size of the felt or leather case usually depends on the size of the monitor display and the shape of the laptop case. The shape of the sleeves ideally matches the curves of the laptop designs and the curves of the cases are reflected in the design of the laptop sleeves and tablet sleeves.

The basic material for our laptop case is soft felt and robust leather.

Across all model categories, you will receive laptop cases made of leather and felt that differ significantly in terms of wearing comfort, appearance and feel. For our werktat sleeves we use two of the toughest, most natural and most important basic materials in the history of mankind: Wool felt and leather. When searching for felt and leather, we didn't make it easy for ourselves: at werktat, we only purchase the wool felt used for our laptop cases from specialist companies in our country of origin, Germany. The traditional felt manufacturers are responsible and environmentally conscious and the perfect felt, of course made from the best virgin wool, is produced with great care.


The felt sleeve or case for laptop and tablet: light as a feather or all-round protection with additional benefits.
The basis for all our laptop cases and tablet sleeves is felt, our material: Wool felt is particularly light and has a low specific weight, but still has a high degree of strength to absorb shocks. Felt is the material for cases and sleeves and reliably protects your mobile computer from dirt and scratches. The soft textile material provides an incomparable feel and a stylish appearance. In addition, felt sleeves take up little space and can be used as a base for the devices.


Leather for laptop sleeve and tablet case: Stability in more stressed areas.
Leather is breathable and has a pleasant feel, which means it is kind to the skin and you like to touch it. Leather exudes a pronounced yet pleasant smell and is easy to clean. Leather has natural elasticity and adapts to the equipment during use, offers durability, is tear-resistant and durable. Leather protects against wetness, is timeless and captivates with its special natural look which gets patina during use and thus becomes more and more beautiful and valuable. The leather with the natural appearance in combination with the felt of Merino wool, which we use in our laptop cases, is probably what makes our laptop sleeves so distinctive for our enthusiastic customers. We use a high quality leather, which gets older in dignity and beauty, to create a beautiful patina. Each time the laptop sleeve is used, it becomes even more beautiful with the appearance of the leather patina.

Laptop cases for the office

Today, the tablet, laptop or notebook is probably the most important work tool in the office. In our laptop cases, documents, files and numerous writing utensils can also be stored securely. Important for the tablet cases is not only a very solid and stable raw material and solid workmanship, but also a noble design: With our Notebook sleeves you leave a good impression with your customers and your "office to go" is also well stored.

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