Phone cases & sleeves

Maximum all-round protection and optimum design: natural handmade style of felt and leather

Do you want a case for your mobile phone or smartphone that provides optimum protection for your mobile device and also upgrades it with a special look? For the daily challenges, should the mobile phone sleeve be made of a flexible material that absorbs shocks and protects the phone? Our mobile phone cases and sleeves are made of natural felt and leather and are stylish little helpers that score with naturalness. more»

Felt sleeves for mobile phones

With preventive function from nature

The protective felt sleeve offers optimum protection and safety against damage from falls, scratches, dust and dirt. For our tailor-made felt sleeves and cases, we use only high-quality wool felt made from 100% virgin wool. Its natural ability to absorb impact through structure and material thickness makes it particularly useful for mobile phone cases. In our shop we offer felt mobile phone sleeves with an optimal fit and in a colourful selection.

Leather sleeves for mobile phones

Enduring and calm like a bull ...

Our mobile phone cases and sleeves made of leather convince by their uniqueness of different colours and surfaces. The leather cases from werktat are made of durable and tear-resistant leather and are patient and receptive to daily wear and tear. The leather sleeve becomes your safety-oriented, nature-loving and self-confident companion, which, together with the felt lining, protects your smartphone perfectly.

iPhone sleeves and cases

Sleeves and cases for the latest Apple smartphones

Your new iPhone case will be handmade by us to fit the new Apple smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Furthermore the cases for iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone Xr are available in our shop.

Samsung Galaxy sleeves

Your S9 and S9+ in preventive detention

Felt and leather sleeves and cases for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Google Pixel sleeves

convincing mobile phone cases for convincing devices

Discover our mobile phone cases made to fit the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

Leather sleeves with felt lining

So that our leather sleeves optimally protect your mobile phone, we have provided our leather sleeves with a lining of finest wool felt. And so we combine the advantages of the two natural materials felt and leather to protect your mobile electronics from glass breakage and other damage.

Felt sleeves with leather pocket

The felt sleeve with added value: How often do you have a lot of utensils with you that you don't need at the moment? In many mobile phone cases, your EC or credit card and some change have space in a pocket. Of course, you also have the shopping list or the notepad as a reminder in the mobile phone case with an additional pocket.

Minimalist felt sleeves for your smartphone

It's also easy! With the felt sleeve "Softwerk 2.0" made of felt we put the mobile phone between two layers of finest wool felt. With the cover in classic design and the small swinging recess you always have a suitable felt coaster for your mobile phone with you. To be on the safe side, we use extra strong yarn for our minimalist felt covers - matching the colour of the felt and adding a leather label as a small decorative element.

Order your new mobile phone case in best quality and special optics at now.

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