Felt placemats

The modern felt placemats are simply beautiful, simple and versatile.

Felt placemats are the perfect accessory and turn any table decoration into a successful banquet table with a flick of the finger. In our shop you will find felt placemats and the matching felt coasters in many timeless or bright colors. The placemats protect for example sensitive table tops made of real wood with transparent high-gloss lacquer finish from scratching and from major heat damage.

Felt quality for your table

felt placemats made of wool felt in Germany, 5 mm thick

The coasters made of pure sheep's wool are functional and attractive at the same time. They protect against unattractive dents and prevent plates and cutlery from rattling - especially on glass or stone tables. The robust 5 mm felt material is dimensionally stable and made of 100% virgin wool. Look forward to bright, expressive colours and subtle grey tones for our felt placemats from our extensive felt range in outstanding placemat quality.

Felt placemats round

As central table top or for use on round tables.

Felt placemats round in mixed or uni colours for your round table. The round felt coasters you can order in our shop in diameters of 20 - 25 - 27.5 - 30 - 32.5 - 35 - 37.5 and 40 cm. more

Felt placemats rectangle

The classic shape for felt mats.

The rectangular table set is available in 2 sizes: 45 x 31.5 cm and 46.7 x 37.5 cm. more

Square felt placemats

Quadratic felt placemats

You have the choice between 6 different sizes. The felt table sets Square are available with side lengths of 20 - 30 - 32,5 - 35 - 37,5 and 40 cm. more

20 exquisite colours

Stehen für unsere Tischsets zur Auswahl

Choose your felt placemats from twenty different, fine colours.


Felt placemats are a beautiful decoration

Table sets for every table, whether in the dining room or in the garden. Our felt placemats made of 5 mm pure wool felt are cut and punched in our workshop. In our shop you will find Filz placemats in different sizes, so also your perfect placemat size to arrange porcelain plates, crystal glasses, stainless steel knives and silver forks on your dining table too appealing. We use only the highest quality felt from Germany, which is 100% virgin wool (often the particularly fine merino wool) and carefully felt and processed. Thus you acquire regional, durable quality and have surely long joy in the felt placemats.

Felt placemats made of wool

Felt placemats made of wool felt can be ordered directly in our online shop from werktat. The perfect decoration for your glass table or your wooden board: Discover the creative possibilities that felt placemats offer you for every occasion. Buy your perfect placemat or placemat for your dining table decoration quickly and conveniently from home.

Variety of felt placemats and blankets for colour fans

Table sets are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials. Our two-colour felt qualities in bicolour are particularly appealing. So you can choose your format and colour depending on the use, and set a colour accent with your decorations with felt or exercise discreet restraint on the beautifully laid table. With the colours bicolor gau and bicolor brown beige you can do absolutely nothing wrong - they always fit at any time of the year. The colours grass green mottled and lemmon uni are certainly more suitable for spring, Easter and summer. And the placemats in grey or fired orange mottled, no matter whether in light or dark are reserved for many sure for autumn. Absolutely christmassy it is mixed felt in colors dark red and anthracite.

Felt sets make form lovers happy at their place:

The classic shape of the felt placemat is clearly rectangular. However, coasters in other shapes such as square or round are enjoying increasing popularity. The square placemats are clear and austere. This makes them suitable for any use where symmetry and clear structuring are important. Round sets, on the other hand, are suitable for use with tables or arrangements of the same kind.

The right table placemat for the right occasion

The times for Sunday dinner with a strengthened and ironed tablecloth at the large table in the living room are unfortunately over in many households. No less stylish are felt placemats for a festive table, but much easier to handle. In many colours, in strong or laid colours and made of different materials. Many customers use the Filz placemats not only for special occasions, but also as daily table decoration.

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