Mouse pad

Our mousepads have not only the name "Wohltat"

The mousepads with attention to detail made of natural, ecological materials from Germany. The pleasant mouse pads enable precise and safe working and lie firmly on all surfaces. werktat naturally offers the pads in felt and leather, both are handmade for you in our small manufactory. Give yourself something special with which you can work many hours every day or give away the mouse pads which are ideal as a small gift for friends and family as well as for your dear colleagues or employees. more»


Leather Mousepad

Mouse pad made of natural leather – and nothing else!

Cow leather from southern Germany in its most natural form - without lacquers, without plastics, without chemicals and without harmful substances. Leather as it should be and as you like to touch it every day when working with the mouse. Discover the leather mousepad made of natural leather as it should be.. more»

Leather mousepad black

The smooth and calm leather surface with a slight shine looks particularly noble. For these pads we use 4 - 4,5 mm leather, which we use for our mouse pads with the light curves.. more»


Felt mouse pad

Bedded on clouds with our wool felt mousepad!

The felt mousepad is made of virgin wool, the natural product you want to have under your hand every day. The felt mouse pad made in our workshop is slip-proof on your desk thanks to its elastic coating. more»

What's a mousepad for?

As an important PC accessory, mouse pads are indispensable for equipping your workplace. The work surface is designed to protect your desk from scratches and improves the mobility and function of your mouse.

Comfort felt mousepad

Long office hours usually also mean long working hours on the PC. That is why we have used the finest 5 mm wool felt made of 100% wool for the felt mousepads. So you can arrange your work with a pleasant well-being feeling. The homogeneous felt surface promotes the controlled sliding movement of your mouse on the pad.

Patina makes your leather mousepad more and more beautiful.

The natural leather is vegetable-tanned, i.e. with purely vegetable tanning agents. We are very pleased that the tannery, a small family business in southern Germany, provides us with relatively small quantities of this exceptional quality. Only the best leather necks are selected for the mousepads and only treated with natural fatty substances. The outstanding leather quality and the natural look is visible and tangible due to the simple processing up to the final product. The leather darkens with the daily use, gets a beautiful patina with time and becomes more and more beautiful. Each leather mousepad is a high-quality natural product and varies in grain and tint, which makes it your individual unique specimen.

So that it runs flawlessly: The pad for your mouse.

Here you will find mousepads according to your taste. Whether you are looking for something for long working days, want to spare your wrists or just a simple desk pad to protect your table, natural materials such as smooth leather or soft felt promote fast and precise work with little effort.

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