Eames chair felt seat pads

The generous and comfortable cut of the felt seat cushion is perfectly adapted to the Eames Chair.

The Eames Chair is an ingenious design by Charles and Ray Eames from 1950. Almost 80 years later, the chair is still as trend-setting and contemporary as it was on the first day. We express our appreciation for this design achievement with our felt seat pads suitable for the Eames Plastic Side Chair or Eames Armchair. The comfortable shape is optimally tailored to the Eames Chair. With our attractive felt colours you can simply refresh the chairs and integrate these classic style icons into your living or dining room. You should make yourself comfortable with our felt seat mats. The 5 mm wool felt is made in Germany and consists of 100% virgin wool. The Eames Plastic Chair, DSW felt pads made of pure wool regulate moisture, dry quickly and are just as comfortable when warm as when cold. Our latex coating prevents the seat pads from slipping.

Felt seat pads for the Eames Plastic Side Chair

Generous felt pads for a 50ies classic

Seat pads for a chair that has become an indispensable part of design and interior design magazines, for the modern and popular material felt, which is as popular as the Eames Plastic Side Chair.

Felt seat pads for Eames Plastic Armchair

Individually placed, it is best shown to advantage with our felt pads.

In many places it works best as a solitaire piece of furniture. With our felt seat pads, the Eames Plastic Armchair gains in comfort and is visually enhanced.

colour selection

The colours of the felt seat pads for the Eames Chair

mixed – bicolor – uni

Seat cushions made of felt for the pioneer in chair design

The task we set ourselves was to produce a chair pad for the Eames Plastic Chair, which is regarded as the basis for the groundbreaking furniture concept to this day: A seat pad for the multivariable chair, in which the shell can be fitted with different substructures depending on the purpose, location and use. The seat padding should be suitable for all variations, from the simple chair to the version for row seating to the rocking chair in individual position. The edition for the seat, whose development work still began in the 1940s. It took Charles and Ray Eames two years to produce this masterpiece of design with a series of base frames for different purposes. The Eames Plastic Side Chair with its ergonomically shaped seat shell quickly finds the right felt pad that makes sitting even more comfortable. We manufacture the felt products in our collection in Germany, including a special seat support for chairs, namely for the Vitra classics.

Felt is the trump card and perfectly completes the material of the chairs.

The couple Eames recognized the advantages of the materials and used them conclusively: Deformability, stability, a pleasant feel and processability suitable for industrial use. In contrast to the artificial materials, we use a soft, naturally obtained material - namely wool, which mainly comes from Australia and New Zealand and is processed into fine wool felt in Germany. With felt, the construction material that is no longer much noticed in the furniture industry, we have succeeded in guiding the plastic shells designed by the Eames to perfect comfort. At the time, the chairs themselves were presented at the Museum of Modern Art's "Low Cost Furniture Design" competition, which was very successful. Such a luxurious presentation was out of the question for our seat cushions, but the felt material for the seat pad fits seamlessly into the design of the Eames Armchair.

Seat pads for use in private and public spaces.

Initially, the Eames Plastic Chairs were intended for use in the home environment, but the Vitra chair ultimately became a zeitgeist object for public use. Nowadays, the chairs with our seat pads are often used in restaurants, waiting rooms or offices. They can also be used in event locations, hotels and meeting rooms. Its versatility - above all in the colour design with the seat pads - makes it an it piece and it is ideal for any room situation. With our seat pads you don't interfere with the elegant optical design of this ideal-typical piece of furniture, but the Eames Side Chair gets cosy comfort through the felt pad, made of the sustainable, ecological natural product wool felt. With the optional anti-slip coating made of natural latex, the upholstery stays where it belongs, especially in the contract sector. Because we apply the coating by hand to each individual seat cushion only after it has been cut, we can offer you an extraordinarily large selection of colours with fine gradations, which is probably unique on the seat pads market.

Seat cushions for various Eames Chair variants from armchair to fibreglass chair

However, the size of the average person has changed since the chairs were designed, and Vitra 2016 has increased the base frames of the Eames Plastic Chairs DAX, DSR, DAR, DSW and DAW by approximately 2 cm and adapted them ergonomically and optically accordingly. For us, the changes are hardly visible, but give the classic chair a significantly improved sitting comfort in combination with current table heights. Our felt seat pads fit both the older series and the revised version, as the actual seat shell has not changed. The cushions also fit Vitra's special design treats: the seat shells for which we offer our pads are no longer only made of polypropylene but also of the original fibreglass material, the fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin. The chair company thus makes us and all lovers of chairs from the first generations happy.

Good design is invisible. But what does this have to do with the felt seat pad?

When the Eames created this extraordinary seating object, on which the felt pads fit perfectly, they certainly did not think that they would create a legend in the living, event and above all in the object sector, which is widely regarded as a grandmasterly work of art. They just wanted to do something that was considered "extremely useful". The result of their design research, however, which most people would define as something "invisible", but for those who are passionate about design, that's the point. Perhaps you can now understand our enthusiasm that led to the design of the Eames Chair seat pad felt.

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