Felt seat cushions

felt seat cushion for chairs, stools and benches

The place on your bench in the shade of the house tree or in your comfortable dining room would be an unpleasant thing if there were no chair cushions or felt bench cushions. Your hour of rest and relaxation will be especially comfortable with comfortable felt cushions. With the foam padding between the two soft felt layers you can also sit comfortably for a long time and thus nothing stands in the way of long garden stays as well as extended enjoyable evenings in your home.

Felt seat cushion square

Square felt seat cushions in many sizes:

The square felt seat cushions can be manufactured with side lengths of 30 - 32.5 - 35 - 37.5 or 40 cm.


round felt seat cushion

fit everywhere

The round felt seat cushions can be manufactured with a diameter of 30 - 32.5 - 35 - 37.5 or 40 cm.


Felt seat cushions made to measure

Custom-made felt cushion

The felt seat cushions in special sizes are mainly used for bench cushions and can be ordered directly online in our shop according to your specifications.


Felt bench cushion

You can freely configure felt bank cushions with us.

You decide yourself the size of your special format of your felt bench cushion. The maximum size that you can buy directly from us online is 210 x 80 cm. Determine yourself the side lengths of the cushions on measure to sit also on benches with special size comfortably. Don't forget to add the natural latex to the underside of your bench if the surface is smooth so that nothing slips.

Felt seat cushion according to your specifications

Take the design of your felt seat cushion into your own hands!

When ordering in our webshop, you not only decide on the shape and format, but you also configurate the colour combination of your felt seat cushions yourself.
This is how it works: After you have decided on shape and size, choose the desired felt color of the top and bottom of the seat cushions and add the finishing with anti-slip coating if desired. You can then assemble your seat cushions either tone-in-tone or in your desired combination. The seat cushions are then cut or punched and sewn for you in our small workshop.

Felt seat cushions: there are no limits to your choice of colour

The colour palette for our felt seat cushions currently comprises twelve noble colours that can be freely combined. So let your ideas run wild!


Selection of our felt colours for seat cushions:

Felt cushions: High quality workmanship and materials

The seat cushions from the werktat online shop are pleasantly soft. The outer cover of our felt cushions is made of durable wool felt. It is easy to clean and dries quickly. So that your back part is well padded and softly placed, we use 3 mm finest felt from 100% virgin wool for bottom and top. And in between we pack high-quality 20 mm foam for padding your butt.

Non-slip underside for all felt chair cushions optional

The anti-slip coating ensures a perfect hold on the chair or bench, even with smooth surfaces such as polystyrene or polished material in natural stone look. This means that the felt chair cushion does not fall down or slip, even when you stand up several times, even when your contemporaries are restless. The non-slip underside is applied by hand using a natural latex emulsion, just like our felt mousepads and the woollen felt chair pads.

Make yourself comfortable on comfortable felt seat cushions from werktat!

A werktat felt seat cushion turns any hard, cold and uncomfortable seat into a cosy place to rest in your apartment. In addition, our high-quality felt cushions give your living space a particularly cosy and homely feel-good ambience. Turn your living rooms into living dreams! Felt seat cushions can of course also be used in many ways due to the countless design possibilities: for example, on your chair, your bench or on your concrete seat cube and the cushions with their foam filling provide the little bit of comfort that makes living as comfortable and homely as possible. The soft wool felt upholstery is available in various cushion sizes. We also manufacture special felt bench cushions in rectangular formats with a length of up to two metres and a width of eighty centimetres. With us you will find your felt seat cushion in your desired and matching felt colour!

Comfort seat cushion for an idea more cosiness from the entrance area to the living area to the dining area

Filz seat cushions make dining chairs more comfortable when you spend an overflowing slide show with your holiday friends or enjoy an opulent Sunday brunch with vegan delicacies with the extended family. The main use of the new felt cushion is very simple on the seat of a chair or bench. Some versions are also available in different felts. Non-slip felt cushions, on the other hand, are designed so that they have a non-slip underside at the bottom - great for a secure seat on the bench. High-quality felt cushions with foam lining have first-class seating characteristics and simply remain in the felt shape.

Chairs or stools become really comfortable with felt cushions

On the simple designer piece or on the long beloved industrial stool: With our felt seat cushions you sit comfortably in any case. Our large selection of felt cushions in different sizes and shapes turns your favourite chair - whether the Macintosh chair or the Frankfurt kitchen chair - into a comfortable relaxation oasis with a lounge factor.

felt cushion with cover & filling for all those who want to sit for a long time

Comfortable, nice to look at and with preference in the pack - that's how you like it. Our square and round felt seat cushions are made of natural wool felt from 100% virgin wool. Outside Hui and inside Hui: The felt cushions are padded with the best foam so that you can relax comfortably. We have carefully selected the foam for the felt seat cushion, which is specially cut to a thickness of twenty millimetres for our cushion production. Click your way through our colourful possibilities for felt seat cushions and be surprised by the variety of colours in our online shop.

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