Felt table runner made to measure

The decorative felt highlight on your dining table

If you have a table or a sideboard in an unusual size, then you have come to the right place. We manufacture felt table runners according to your specifications. You can order rectangular formats directly in our online shop, then you will quickly have the perfect size to match the piece of furniture at hand.

Tailor-made felt table runners always fit

The right table linen is undoubtedly the basis for every laid table. Tailor-made felt table runners can be perfectly complemented with our felt table sets and felt coasters from our range and perfectly matched in colour.

Felt table runners made to measure buy online at werktat

Make your perfect dinner with the new felt table runner made to measure. For a cosy breakfast on Sunday, for a quick cup of coffee with your girlfriend and for lunch with the whole family. You always have the perfect felt decoration for table and table. Create an ambience in which food becomes the most beautiful minor matter in the world. Are you looking for a decorative highlight in the form of a simple felt central ceiling for the buffet, on which an Etagere with delicious homemade biscuits stands?

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