Felt desk pad

Felt pads for maximum comfort when working at your desk

Felt desk pads offer you a comfortable and convenient workflow. They provide protected placing of your sensitive laptop, tablet or keyboard and at the same time serve as a mouse pad with non-slip, natural latex surface on the underside. The felt desk pad belongs on every desk workstation - in your office or home office.

Scratch-free depositing of digital devices on felt

Laptop, notebook and tablet make themselves comfortable on the desk pad

with cozy-simple style the felt desk pads provide for your comfort at the desk and allow soft depositing of the digital little helpers.

Desk pad made to measure

Tailor-made felt pads according to your desk dimensions

We manufacture your desk pad to measure. We use wool felt from pure new wool. The felt cuts for your desk are possible up to a maximum size of 3 x 1.15 m in 0.5 cm increments. Your desk pad made of felt can also be provided with natural latex on the underside to prevent the pad from slipping on the smooth desk.

Felt desk pad with anti-slip coating

The soft surface of felt desk pads makes for a pleasant feeling when working and their simple appearance makes them stand out from the crowd. Our desk pads adhere firmly to your desk thanks to their natural latex underside.

The desk pad in the digital age

In the past, every workplace had to be equipped with utensils such as pencil holders and letter trays & paper trays to protect the worktable from dirt and damage. But in times when scissors, highlighters and glue are used, most office work is a thing of the past. And so the classic desk pad made of rubber or plastic is a thing of the past. A digital pen that you use on the tablet certainly doesn't need a classic desk pad. Today it's more about creating a comfortable working environment that meets the modern demands of working with laptops, notebooks and PCs. In addition to visual aspects and comfort when working, the protection of computer tools also plays a key role.

A felt desk pad for protection, for the eye and for feeling

With the standard desk pad, the protective effect is in the foreground; depending on the model, it has other functions that are completely superfluous today. For example, the transparent protective flaps or storage compartments for paper notes, which contain a paper calendar that becomes obsolete more quickly than one would like. The right timing now makes your digital timer, which reminds you of the important facts and meetings, without you having to search the whole office for handwritten notes. Felt desk pads, on the other hand, are an elegant way to make your office look better and more comfortable without sacrificing the protection of MacBook, Surface Pro 6 or the Surface Book. The walnut desk is also protected from scratching. With the padded felt surface, the felt desk pad provides a pleasant working feeling. Aesthetics and design are at the forefront of the editions. The felt desk pad offers the highest working comfort when drawing with the pencil on the pad or when writing the text for presentation on Powerpoint or Keynote.

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