Felt bench seat pad, bench top

Felt bench seat pad, bench top are comfortable and cozy

A felt bench seat pad is a reasonable and stylish enrichment for many benches in the residential environment. Felt seat pads for the wooden bench or the brick bench made of stone or ceramic are the contemporary variant, so that you can sit longer and above all comfortably on your bench. We manufacture your bench top from wool felt in 5 mm material thickness according to your desired size. Up to a maximum rectangular format of 3 x 1.15 m, you can order the felt bench seat cushions directly in our online shop.

Timelessly simple look with the felt benchrest or bench seat pad

With the felt benchrest you no longer have to sit on the hard seat of the bench or chair. Create a feel-good atmosphere with the felt bench pads and find a cosy place with conviviality on long evenings with friends. Convince yourself of the variety of different colours. The felt cushions are just as decorative and comfortable in the rustically furnished parlour as in the puristic living room. By the way, you can inform yourself about upholstered felt seat covers here.

bench seat pad felt

Felt bench pads are special felt seat pads that you can place on your bench and sit more comfortably. These pads are soft and therefore offer a warm seat. The felt seat cushion is particularly suitable for your dining bench or the bench in the entrance area. There are many benches that have a seat upholstery already built in: on them a seat cushion is completely superfluous. We manufacture felt bench cushions according to your wishes in shape and colour so that you can sit on your comfortable bench after a marathon or triathlon. With our comfortable felt material you can end the evening in a pleasant way. These seat pads are especially suitable for hard benches made of wood or stone.

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