Felt coasters

Protect and decorate naturally with our felt coasters

Durable coasters made of thick wool felt in many handy sizes for glasses, bottles or flower vases. They protect surfaces from moisture, absorb it and thus protect it from water stains or even from swelling. Felt coasters protect all surfaces with their insulating properties against excessive heat. Of course, felt coasters can be used on both sides and are sustainably produced with the ecological natural material wool.

Filz Untersetzer quadratisch, eckig in vielen Farben

Felt coasters square

Quadratic felt coasters

The straight, square shape of the felt coasters fits everywhere. to the squares

Filz Untersetzer quadratisch abgerundet

Felt coasters rounded

Square felt coasters with round „corners‘

The felt coasters are of course also square - only the corners have been left out. to the rounded coasters

Filz Untersetzer rund, viele Farben

Round felt coasters

… are our most popular beer mats

We don't know exactly why, many customers claim that this shape of the felt coasters harmonizes best with the round shape of most glasses. Anyway, the felt coasters are simply beautiful and round. to the round coasters

Filzuntersetzer oval

Oval felt coasters

another round felt coaster

Felt coasters oval are a nice alternative to the round coasters. They look especially good with oval objects, bottles and glasses. to the ovals

Filz Untersetzer sechseckig viele Farben

Felt coasters hexagonal

Six corners for a hexagon with the special trend factor

The hexagonal felt coasters can be arranged excellently to a colorful pattern. You can order the felt coasters online in our shop. to the hexagons

Filz Untersetzer Stern

Star felt coasters

with six points

pretty festive courier is available in two sizes and creates cozy atmosphere at Christmas and Advent. to the felt stars

Coasters made of felt for, glasses, cups, carafes etc. are primarily a protection for table surfaces and other pieces of furniture made of wenge, mahogany and acacia wood against imprints, water and heat stains. In addition to the practical aspect of surface protection, coasters are also an excellent way to give your maisonette a new lease of life with the simple felt decoration. They provide more comfort and ambience when eating mussels, drinking wine and celebrating parties. Now discover the felt coasters for yourself and protect your tabletop or tablecloth from unattractive scratches, wine or coffee stains.

Felt coasters for glasses with different contents

Do you like to drink classic red wine, coffee or Darjeeling? Or do you prefer tropical cocktails like Caipirinha and Piña Colada? In any case, our felt coasters have a protective function for all drinks and help you to keep the base on which you place the glasses neat and tidy. The wool felt glass coasters always make a good impression - during every guest visit.

Coasters for bottles, jugs, plates, glasses and pots

Glass or bottle coasters are usually somewhat smaller and more delicate than the classic pot coasters. The coasters for pots are usually round or square and have a side length of about twenty to twenty-five or even thirty centimetres. The felt coasters are intended to protect against moisture, excessive heat and small accidents. We at werktat carry various bottle and glass coasters in our felt range, which spice up your selection of table linen with a high-quality and precious possession.

Use the felt coasters in larger formats as a pot coaster

A coaster is not only for hot pots with pasta water but also for casseroles with lasagne a helpful delight. The coaster for your pot or the hot cake tin not only protects your table or the sideboard in walnut veneer by its heat-insulating effect, but also meets all the requirements of modern design - in a completely natural way.

Reasonable use and application of coasters:

Coasters are divided into pot coasters, pan coasters, glass coasters and vase coasters. There are also terms such as coasters and bottle coasters. These are, as the nomenclature already reveals, useful as a base for pots and pans and glasses. In particular, if the hot pots or pans come without detour from the heat source such as stove or oven, the appropriate felt base helps to avoid burn marks. Coasters are used for glasses, vases, bowls or bottles to prevent ugly clover and scratch marks.

Table coasters made of felt in various formats but with common function

Felt table mats are now available in a wide variety of colours and shapes. While most people opt for coasters in round and square shapes, today also shapes such as star, hexagon and oval are a common alternative. However, they are uniform when it comes to materials, because werktat coasters are made exclusively of pure wool. Another common feature is the thickness of the material, which we only want to offer in the five millimetre thickness due to our high quality standards.

Felt coasters as wedding decoration, room decoration or table decoration

Among the individual elements of a celebration is the wedding decoration is for many wedding willing with the most important in wedding planning. Table decorations with design felt in many colours make it easy for couples - especially with the difficult task - when the table design has to be oriented to a very specific colour scheme. And the comprehensive size selection also contributes to the simple solution with felt coasters.

The comeback for the felt coaster

Although felt found little attention some years ago, it enjoys today again increasingly greater popularity. Our felt is made from pure wool and therefore falls under the category of renewable natural resources and is made exclusively from natural wool material. In a time of ecological and fair trade, handmade felt products with handcrafted production from Germany are very trendy, which is why felt coasters are far ahead in the popularity scale and are, so to speak, en vogue. The complete production chain for our felt products is in Germany: This is how we ensure that only carefully manufactured coasters that meet the highest quality and design standards are available on the market. Therefore, buy your new felt coasters in the werktat-shop.

werktat ships felt coasters not only to Germany, but worldwide.

You should discover felt coasters in our shop for yourself: werktat is the brand and manufacturer of high-quality felt products in Germany. We send the felt coasters to German cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Cologne or Berlin. Also Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf are supplied with our coasters. The dispatch takes place usually by DHL. For international shipments of coasters, to Amsterdam, London, New York or Sydney you have the choice between DHL Premium or Warenpost International.

You can order felt coasters simply and comfortably online from us.

At www.werktat-shop.de/en you can sit relaxed on your sofa and indulge in our felt colours and buy our various high-quality felt coasters online in our felt shop. On the laid table felt coasters are naturally practical and protect the table top, the wooden shelf and the kitchen cupboard. They can be used in many different colours and shapes and can therefore be adapted to any modern living environment just as well as to the mountain qualities with the stuffed marmot in the corner and the chequered tablecloth. Felt coasters are a practical accessory to decorate your own dormitory, and as a small gift to move into your first own butze make a lot of fun. Please also note our felt placemats in matching colours.

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