Felt basket

Felt baskets for storage – a feast for the eyes

These felt baskets are real all-rounders and the possible uses are almost inexhaustible. As a storage basket for natural cosmetics in the bathroom, as a candy bowl in the office, or as a bread basket on the dining table. The handy baskets can be transformed with bread and salt in the twinkling of an eye into a small gift or a nice gift basket with fine delicacies and they are also incredibly useful as empty bags. The felt baskets are available in two sizes and different felt colours. The beautifully shaped felt baskets are available individually or in a practical set with a price advantage. more»

Felt basket large

Dimensions approx.
25 x 25 x 10,5 cm

„Steckwerk L”

Felt basket small

Dimensions approx.
17 x 17 x 6,5 cm

„Steckwerk S”

Felt baskets in a set of 2

with price advantage

one "Steckwerk S" and one "Steckwerk L" each

simply put together the felt baskets by yourself

That's clever and saves space.

The felt baskets come flat to your home, then simply insert the tabs into the slots (from the outside), your basket is ready and breakfast can begin.

The felt basket is our all-rounder

The use of a felt basket is never tied to a specific use. Felt baskets placed on a sideboard or bookshelf, substitute drawers and compartments and are excellent for putting an end to paperwork or to accommodate scarves. In the ironing room, where you also do your sewing work, a felt basket serves as a storage for thread and sewing needle, on the side table in the living room you serve your visit pretty chocolate treats. Folded flat, the versatile felt baskets can easily be rolled up and placed in a narrow compartment or stowed under the stainless steel plates. A further trick is the use of the felt basket as a clever gift packaging. Some small things as small present, handed over in the felt basket, are an exemplary behavior for the protection of the environment and nature. Therefore, the recipient of this noble packaging can use the basket for very different purposes.

Felt catchall in your entrance area: The enchanting felt basket as key tray

Our felt basket is a true magician as a catchall tray and makes as an eye-catcher in the living area, as a foldable storage space in the office or as an individual gift disorder quickly disappear. Felt catchall basket combine rustic cosiness with the practice of tidying up and giving presents. And so you will find all things safe and sound in the right place at the right time: House keys, car keys, wallets, coins, matches and watches. A hunter and above all a collector is the pocket emptier especially for smaller utensils and tools. As a practical worktat felt basket "Steckwerk" it promises plenty of space for keys, coins or mobile phones. A clear difference to an ordinary bowl is to be defined by the material. Normally we use our strong felt in the thickness of 5 mm. On this simple method, the catch all tray or the felt basket protects the surface of the shelf and also the glass display of the new smartphone. And as soon as they leave the house or apartment, they reach for the things they need.

With a key storage you have house and car keys quickly at hand.

When leaving the home in a hurry, you should always have everything in one hand. How often does it have to go fast? And then it is incredibly inhibiting to have to search for the right bunch of keys first. The solution is simple and ingenious: werktat offers stylish and practical felt key holders in its online shop. Among the many colours of the felt shelves you will certainly find one for your hallway! The entrance area of your apartment is the figurehead for your visitors. The setting up of wardrobe and shoe cupboard alone does not, however, create an ambience to welcome guests. With our living accessories made of felt you do not only decorate the floorboard area but also enhance it under practical aspects with the baskets.

Felt bread basket with feel-good factor

The simple and well-designed felt bread basket makes decorating a pleasure - and every breakfast becomes a design experience when served appetizingly. The basket is the practical kitchen aid "On Demand" and can disappear flat into the drawer after use to avoid wasting space in the kitchen. Offer bread, pretzels and pretzel sticks in the bread basket in an appetizing way for yourself and your guests. The natural felt material is absolutely harmless when it comes to food storage: it does not contain any chemical substances or pollutants, the felt material is certified according to Ökotex Standard 100.

You've earned your Sunday rolls!

The extensive breakfast for the weekend or during the vacation is always a great highlight. With scrambled eggs, ham and jam, the breakfast table is rounded off into a real land of milk and honey and the day can begin with a feast. The wollene werktat bread basket is the crowning glory of table decorations. The bread basket felt is made in the Ilsfeld manufactory with devotion.

Candy bowl: Design made of felt

The candy presented nicely in the office: With our felt candy bowl you can enhance the meeting room. Your customers will be thrilled by this decorative idea! Discover the felt sweets basket in your favourite colours. The sweets basket made of felt is the best gift idea for every birthday.

Salt and bread: our housewarming gift

A housewarming gift for should be personal and useful. For the obligatory salt and bread, for example, an exclusive salt shaker in our felt bread basket together with a great baking piece.

DIY idea: gift basket to fill by yourself

Fill our felt basket for example with fine delicacies from the region, this is very trendy and supports the regional economy. Or you are looking for unusual Italian or Greek delicacies such as olives and anchovies. Together with beautiful noodles and Black Forest ham you will quickly get a great arrangement that will impress any host. Buy our felt gift basket online: This is the DIY idea.

The small clever gift basket is a solution that inspires enthusiasm.

Today you can't lure anyone out behind the stove with the good, old feeding baskets. Our practical gift basket made of felt is beautiful, modern, tasteful and practical, and the best thing is that it becomes a decorative furnishing item with added value and you can use it again and again. Simply fill it with individual gifts that the birthday child will enjoy and then the felt basket can be used as a key tray, bread basket or storage box with refinement for its charming use.

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