Pencil cases

Pencil cases from felt or leather

Our leather pencil cases are the meeting point for pencils, erasers, sharpeners and fountain pens and are intended for adults, students and children. You will always have an overview of your pens in the felt pencil case so that you don't have to search long. Our handmade pencil cases are made of leather or felt with a smooth-running metal zipper in our workshop for you.

Leather pencil case

Pencil cases from classic to vintage

For college or work it is the most practical companion and storage place for your writing instruments - the leather case! From now on you don't have to search for the pencil anymore - the pencil case helps you to keep your bag tidy in a simple way. Our pencil cases are your practical and stylish companion, especially when you're on the move, from the sloppy case in a contemporary retro or vintage look to the classic pen case.

Felt pencil case …

… of course with wool felt

From now on, pens are in one place: put an end to the long search for the right pen! The pencil cases made of felt offer you the opportunity to finally get order in your pocket and convince with clever style and the beautiful natural felt in great, mottled colors. Whether for many ballpoint pens, ball pens or for your pencils and crayons - here at werktat you will find the matching felt pencil case for your desk or desk. The great finish with the metal zipper enhances the pencil case and also ensures that all writing utensils stay where they belong.

Pencil cases keep the bag neat and tidy

In the pencil case there is room for your pens, pencils and highlighters as well as pens, pencil sharpeners and erasers. Pencil cases provide for a neat pocket content. Don't look long for a pencil, your compass or left-handed scissors. With our pencil cases you have one handle. The pencil cases are also available online in great colours and various materials. Simply order your new leather or felt sloppy case in our shop and keep your briefcase tidy.

pencil case for university, office, or home

Pencil cases, in which all writing utensils such as coloured pencils, sharpeners and fountain pens can be stored, are not only needed by children. A pencil case is also a useful storage place for those who are already registered at university or have a permanent place in their working life. You always have all the things you need to write and do handicrafts in one practical folder. You can get the classic, monochrome writing case from us, which you can store in your shoulder bag and take with you to the office. Pencil cases, whether in red, blue, green, black, grey or brown, should not be missing in any work bag next to the snack bread and soda bottle.

Pencil cases are a wonderful gift idea

A pencil case with an individual character is a perfect little gift. Not only good friends are happy about it, but also colleagues and business partners. Here you will find a collection of our great and unique pencil cases. Whether as a gift for Christmas, for a birthday or as recognition for good work: ladies and gentlemen are happy about a pencil case.

Tip: Give away a pencil case with your own very special contents. The fine painting or drawing set for the creative mind is just as suitable as your favourite sweets such as chocolate or other Gutsle. So it is certainly not difficult to make an individual gift together with the pencil case.

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