Felt notebooks

The felt notebook is the collection point for flashes of inspiration.

All your magnificent ideas, secret thoughts and visions find a home in our felt notebooks: Between the thick felt cover made of wool felt there is room for longing, fantastic utopias, gut feeling and castles in the air. And for the list of things you absolutely want to do during your lifetime, there are also a few pages of cream-colored uncoated paper available.

Suppose you wake up in the morning with a forward-looking concept that will change your past existence:
Even before you have drunk your first cup of coffee, it could already be forgotten!
Record the ideas and write them down in the beautiful paper blank, in a safe place and keep it there until the hour of realization. Of course, you can also write down valuable ideas on the back of shopping lists or waste paper. But they are more stylish on one of the 256 content pages of our felt notebooks, which are between DIN A6 and A5 in size.


Felt Notebook Making

That's how we do it:

For our felt notebooks we use wool felt from German production. We cut the felt in our workshop. They then go to the bookbindery, which uses the finest Italian uncoated paper for the inside of the notebooks. The binding of the books is a thread binding. The finishing of the notebooks takes place here again. Here the leather band is riveted with book and felt and the leather band is knotted.

Regular use of notebooks can be addictive!

Our recommendation is to always have a pen and a notebook close at hand in order to sketch and record phenomenal approaches, dreams and pictures. As a precaution you should buy several books for your notes. Immediately put all digital notebooks and laptops aside and open the soft, flexible cover of your felt pad. The finest virgin uncoated paper with a deckle structure that can be decorated with your handwriting awaits you and your penholder.

Felt notebook: Your most important thoughts on beautiful uncoated paper

A notebook with a felt cover is a stylish companion at work and in leisure time and especially in digital times a statment for traditional values.

Experience the valuable charisma of a real felt notebook! Order the blank felt notebooks in the werktat online shop! Do you still make your notes by hand on real paper, like all those who appreciate authentic scripts and handlettering? The real feeling of a fountain pen or a pencil running over the paper fibres and making your own mark.

Chic paper and beautiful felt

Writers, calligraphy professionals and artists love unlined paper that doesn't restrict creativity. That's why the notebook with its cream-coloured pages and felt binding is so popular in our webshop.

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