Leather business card case

The card holder for business cards: Here is 'simply' good.

The leather case "Erstkontakt" for business cards in the form of a small letter captivates by the rustic cowhide leather with the special vintage look. The case is held and closed with a small snap fastener. We believe that we don't have to say much more - the case and the simple solution speak for themselves.

Leather business card case brown „chocolate“


Leather business card case gray „stone“


Leather business card case „green juice“


The business card case made of leather - an important accessory in business

For businessmen who make many new contacts, business card cases are still a necessity and must not be missed on any appointment. For men the business card case should be above all functional and for ladies it should be a little more refined. From rustic leather we manufacture the case for your business cards, so that your cards are always well stored.

Business cards are as special, professional and individual as you are.

And so they deserve a business card case that radiates as much personality as you do. Our business card cases can hold up to 30 business cards. Of course not only your own, but also those of your new interesting contacts.

The business card cases are also a practical solution for the storage of credit cards..

At large meetings or conferences, one is often overwhelmed with a multitude of business cards and should of course always have his business card ready in return. Unfortunately, the delivery often ends in a shameful, unsuccessful search action. So the business relationship starts out clumsy and unprofessional. Who wants to leave a sovereign and competent impression, needs in each case a visiting card case ready to hand in the pocket. In many cases the case has established itself not only as a business card case, but also as a practical compartment for credit cards, EC cards, the membership card for your club or the card of your health insurance. Normal wallets often take on unbelievable proportions with the enormous accumulation of cards or flood of cards. To avoid this, you can simply store your most important cards in a business card case and thus save space in your wallet.

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