Felt key chains

Special felt pendants with great motifs

The shape-cut motifs for felt key rings from our felt workshop are special treats and in any case a nice, successful little present, gift tag or gift. We are pleased to be able to offer you the already extensive selection of different shapes such as crown, anchor, heart, lucky clover, car or star. Further we would like to inspire you with the charm house, snowflake, cheese, horseshoe, rocket and lucky mushroom. And also key ring motives from the animal world such as elephant, bambi, lucky pig, dolphin and butterfly we have for you in the program.


funny, nice, symbolic and practical:

These key rings made of felt are available from us

Felt Keychain Anchor

The maritime accessory

The small gift with the maritime flair. The key ring anchor in green is a Christian symbol of hope as well as a fashion accessory in the other great designs from our extensive range of colours.


A dolphin on a bunch of keys

felt key ring dolphin

The sympathetic water animal delights you from now on at your key chain: Especially popular is the Delfin key ring in the felt colours petrol mixed and dark blue uni.


Lucky mushroom

Felt Keychain Mushroom

The mushroom made of felt - our lovely lucky charm is a nice little gift for friends - as a key ring or gift tag. We use finest wool felt for the lucky mushroom and a key ring made of stainless steel.


Felt keychain horseshoe

The happiness of the earth ...

... is supposed to be on the backs of horses. The key rings lucky horseshoes are a nice felt pendant and do not only conjure up a happy smile in the face of horse lovers.


Keychain rocket

The spaceship made of felt

The keychain rocket for science fiction fans, big and small space explorers is just the thing: dream with our pendant made of natural wool fiber of your interstellar journey.


lucky pig

felt keychain piglet

The piggy key fob is the lucky symbol to the New Year and many other occasions


Bambi pendant

Keychain deer from felt

The felt key chain Bambi fascinates you with its childlike appearance, the big eyes and the wobbly legs: The irresistible Bambi, the small deer as a small gift chain or as a small souvenir you can safely fall for.


Elephant Keychain

Felt pendant with the dear snout animal

The soft felt giants in miniature are on their way with you on calm soles and have a lot of sensitivity. The elephant key chains are family animals that comfort and accompany each other.


Felt keychain house

For house & home

The key fob Haus & Heim holds all your keys together - from the apartment key to the front door key to the garage key. Made of felt, it is a practical accessory in your favourite colour that makes your keychain an eye-catcher.


Felt keychain cheese

The gourmet delight at a bunch of keys

Cheese lovers beware! This funny felt pendant will soon dangle from your key collection. The key ring is available in the colours yellow uni or yellow mottled in our shop.


Butterfly keychain

Felt pendant with butterfly

Butterflies dance fluttering over flower meadows ... the colourful key chains butterfly are also a metaphor for rebirth and still today a Christian sign for the resurrection.


Car Keychain

The pendant for the car key

... in the nostalgic form is not only for beetle drivers. The felt key ring car is the give-away for all those who enjoy a mobile base.


Four-leafed clover

Keyring lucky clover from felt

Our four-leaf clover is not a mutation, but a pretty little lucky charm made of felt. Fortunately for you, the key chain can now provide the necessary recognition on your key ring.


Felt keychain crown

felt coronet

The crown of precious felt made of pure new wool to decorate your key ring makes every lady a queen or princess.


Keychain Heart

Dear my heart, you don't have to be sad!

Our felt heart key ring is not only a good idea for the Oktoberfest. As Partner-Heart One-for-Two the hearty pendant is a great idea for the Valentine's Day for all loving ones because our whole heart is in it.


Felt keychain star

... also for stars and starlets

The star made of felt with the 5 teeth is always trendy and a fashionable accessory. The stars come in many bright colors, even the best wool felt in werktat quality.


Felt keychain snowflake

An ice crystal that feels warm and soft

Many people are pleased about the geometric beauty of a snowflake. The flakes are especially impressive for children, who try to catch the snow. Catch the key ring snowflake made of felt!


Various motifs for felt key rings

Key fobs should not be uniform, boring, inconspicuous or dreary. Rather they should be individual and expressive, spread fun and joy and at best even tell something about the owner or his preferences. That's why we have put together a wide variety of motifs so that you can use the right felt keychain for every occasion.

Felt keychain as an attractive accessory with practical added value

With a pendant they increase recognition of the key. So they are easier to find in bags and pouches, because because of the different shapes you can feel the key even in the dark and a light function with LED or any whistling tones is superfluous. The key hook also allows you to recognize the right key from afar and there is no need to search for it.

Key chains hold keys together beautifully with security

What are felt key rings for? There are many different answers to this question: The first is that key fobs hold your keys together, making the loss of an important key much less likely. Another answer is that you can very quickly get a good overview of your key collection with different pendants from our range. In different colours you can sort in various keys with the motifs according to their purpose and so that you can quickly and easily assign the keys without labelling them in such a treacherous way that everyone else knows where they belong.

Felt is a great material for the extraordinary keychains

We use felt from 100% virgin wool, you can feel and see that. The great, bright colours of the wool felt are fun and the material thickness of mostly 5 mm provides sufficient resistance so that your attachments remain beautiful for a long time. As key ring we use a screwed, stainless steel rope, which can be opened and closed again and again.

How our felt keychains are made

In the beginning there is the search for ideas and motives. Then we look for the form with a scribbling, which with sufficient abstraction and reduction already includes the material strength and the somewhat limited design possibilities of the strong material. Now follows the final drawing with a graphic program on the PC, which already determines the exact cutting lines. If we are then satisfied with the result, the size is determined by digital printing and then the first hand cut sample of the key fob is made. CAD data is now sent to the diemaker, who creates the die. This allows us to cut the tags out of the felt.

Beautiful things for the memory and as a sign of connectedness

Especially lovingly designed with a lot of graphic sensitivity and colorful are pendants that remind of great events, beautiful experiences or secret favorite places, such as snowflake on the last winter vacation or the crown of the bachelorette farewell and the cloverleaf on the great moment of happiness together. Of course, they can also be a nice souvenir from your holiday.

As a lucky charm

A timelessly beautiful gift idea are pendants as lucky charms: from the anthracite coloured horseshoe made of felt or lovely lucky mushroom in red and lucky clover in green mottled to the classic lucky pig in pink. Of course, these lucky charms are also perfect for children, who can be attached to their backpacks, school bags or jackets. Lucky charms are a great idea on many occasions: at the turn of the year, at a kick-off meeting, at the end of a school year and many more.
Tip: Give the key fob as a good luck charm for your trip.

Nice key rings as a give-away or as a small present for your loved ones

The key rings are a great gift idea with which you can surprise not only the mother or father, but also grandma, grandpa, brother and sister. Give the heart to your partner as a connecting element of your affection and the crown to your best friend that makes her a princess. There are many opportunities for small gifts: As a thank you gift for the care of the flowers during your holidays, as a guest gift at parties or weddings and on New Year's Eve.

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