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Use the protection sleeve as a mobile desk pad for iPad, MacBook, Surface

Why not put your iPad, MacBook or Surface wherever you want? With the SOFTWERK felt sleeve you always have the right desk pad with you and set your tablet or laptop down softly and gently.

Is it so difficult for you to just put your expensive, sensitive electronic device somewhere? Stone or glass tables are particularly unpleasant indoors and if you want to move your "office" to the park, placing your laptop or tablet on a concrete table or the rough surface of a wall is certainly a big challenge.

The soft and for the device suitable base for working is always with you

With the felt sleeve SOFTWORK the devices are not only protected when you are inside the cases, they also serve as a soft working surface and prevent scratching of the sensitive device surfaces. Also, the sensitive optical lenses of cameras such as iPad Pro and Surface Book 3 do not come into conflict with the hard surface. Similarly, the felt cover not only protects the beloved technology, but also sensitive work surfaces.

The tablets and laptops only get in touch with the soft felt.

In its simplicity, the felt sleeve does not have any disturbing metal parts such as push or magnetic buttons and zippers. And so the SOFTWERK cannot harm the iPad, the MacBook and the Surface neither as a case nor as a base.

Surface Pro and MacBook Air stand solid on felt.

The sleeve acts as a support to reduce tipping on uneven surfaces. The felt of the case compensates uneven surfaces, so your MacBook Air and Surface Pro stands steady and wobbles less as you type, wipe and scroll.

Comfortably recharge energy on the felt sleeve as a deposit surface.

MacBook Pro, Surface Book 3 & Co. also need a break from time to time - for example, when charging the power supply. Please remember to take the devices out of their cases to avoid unnecessary heat generation when charging the battery and to preserve the laptops and tablets. Meanwhile, you can comfortably put the technology on the soft felt bed to "sleep".

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