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Size guide: MacBook cases and sleeves made of felt and leather

Finding the right sleeve size for the MacBook is not so easy for many who are not so concerned with the devices. So that you order the right felt or leather case, we have summarized the most important identifying features for you:

MacBook Pro 13" Nov 2016 –> 2021, also for M1

The MacBook Pro has the shiny silver logo on the top since November 2016, and the side view is parallel. The screen diagonal is about 13.3 inches. Another feature of the MacBook Pro in 13 inches is the Touch Bar, which is now built into all devices of the Pro series. The dimensions of the laptop are approx. 304 x 212 x 15.6 mm (11.97'' x 8.36'' x 0.61'').

MacBook Pro 15" Nov 2016 –> 2019

The MacBook Pro 15" from November 2016 has already been replaced by the 16-inch MacBook in November 2019. The shiny silver logo on the top is used here as well. The screen diagonal is approximately 15.4 inches. The Touch Bar was already optional on this MacBook Pro in 15 inches. The dimensions of the devices are approx. 349 x 241 x 15.5 mm (13.74'' x 9.49'' x 0.61'').

MacBook Pro 16" Nov 2019 –>2021

You can't go far wrong with the MacBook Pro 16-inch at the moment - there is only one case version of it so far.

MacBook Air 13" Retina Nov 2018 –> 2021, also for M1

There is currently one body and display size (13.3-inch Retina display) available for this MacBook Air. On the upper side you will find the shiny silver apple and the side view tapers to the front. The dimensions of the notebooks are approximately 304 x 212 x 4.1-16.1 mm (11.97'' x 8.36'' x 0.16 - 0.63'').

MacBook Air 13" Jan 2015 –> Oct 2018

On the flap of the MacBook Air 13" until October 2018 you will find the white backlit Apple logo. The dimensions are approximately 325 x 227 x 3-17 mm (12.8'' x 8.94'' x 0.11 - 0.68''). The side view tapers towards the front.

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