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Felt seat cushions make art comfortable

Tailor-made felt seat cushions become part of the architectural model and art project „ONE MAN HOUSE” on the Inselspitze in Heilbronn.

The house is a studio and at the same time a quiet retreat. Through the shape-giving round windows, the visitor - sitting comfortably on our felt cushions - can enjoy the view of the Neckarmeile with the Götzenturm and observe the outside world of Heilbronn. The large, round porthole as the main design element is reminiscent of a camera lens or a ship's cabin - matching the tributary of the Neckar. Further information on the art project „ONE MAN HOUSE”.

The felt seat cushions turn the round window with Neckar view into a cosy place.

The format of the cushions was chosen modularly, so that the arrangement of the seat cushions is adapted to the respective needs and the rectangular cushions fit into the curve of the window. The colouring of the cushions was chosen discreetly in dark grey and a two-colour design was dispensed with in order not to disturb the calm appearance of the natural-looking room with its warm wood tones.

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