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Felt Protection from the sleeves manufacturer?

What are felt sleeves good for? Material quality, workmanship, selection of sizes, colors and models

Why are there so many choices of iPad cases and sleeves available from werktat?

There are various reasons for this: Firstly, Apple's strategy of product diversification is constantly increasing the range of iPads and thus also the selection of sleeves and cases. In the beginning there was only the iPad and today, in addition to the now new iPad 10.2 (8th generation), there is also the iPad Air of the 4th generation with now 10.9 inches and the iPad Pro in the sizes 11 and 12.9 inches. In addition, there are a lot of accessories for the iPads that also want to be accommodated in the cases: There are the Smart Cover and keyboards like Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard next to the Apple Pencil. This alone results in a variety of sizes of sleeves and cases.

Secondly, there are the most diverse requirements for cases and pockets for iPads. Some users want to have all the accessories together, some just want a simple protective sleeve like a slider, in which only the iPad is well protected, and for many it is important that the iPad is secured in the case by a fastener and cannot fall out of the case even if it is "upside down".

Thirdly, the trend for individualization plays a major role for customers. The iPad case is becoming a fashionable accessory with which one can stand out from the crowd. With our models and the many colors, the customer has a wide range of possibilities at his disposal. And for those who haven't been able to find their favorite sleeve in our iPad case collection yet, we offer the possibility to make their own color choice through custom-made products.

Why do you need an additional protective case for an iPad with Smart Cover, Folio or Magic Keyboard?

As soon as you leave the house, you usually have not only the iPad with you, but also all the other important things you need on an office day or when you are out for a meeting, such as keys, wallet or water bottle and lunch box. And all this disappears together in one bag and rubs and rattles against each other when you carry it. Unfortunately, many of the cases like Smart Cover or Smart Folio do not offer complete all-round protection, or are even sensitive to scratches that can occur during transport. Also, a Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard cannot protect itself or the iPad in case of a fall or a strong blow. So it makes sense to protect the devices including the keyboard with a protective sleeve made of felt.

Another reason is that many protective cases allow you to store other utensils such as your cell phone, charging cable, credit card and car keys. For example, an iPad case in the form of a portfolio is the right solution for all those who want to carry the most important things in one hand to the car or to the office.

How much do the felt and leather cases and sleeves for the iPad weigh? And which ones are particularly light?

This depends on the size and the material used. With simple felt sleeves, the weight is - depending on the size - only 180 to 220 grams. The higher the proportion of leather, the heavier the case: depending on the size of the iPad and the accessories selected, the weight can range from 350 to 600 grams.

How thick does felt have to be to give the iPad optimum protection?

The basic rule is: the thicker the better the protection. With thicker felts the absorption of the force of a hit or fall is higher than with thinner ones. Of course we have to make sure that the customer has a good handling with the case or sleeve and that the felt can still be processed properly. The optimum felt thickness in terms of protection, handling, durability and processability is 3 millimeters. Felts with a thickness of 1.5 or 2 millimeters are simply not sufficient for the customer. Even a fleece that can be obtained at a very reasonable price does not meet these requirements. So when you buy it, look out for the often concealed quality feature of felt thickness.

Is felt made of wool for iPad sleeves better than felt made of synthetic materials like PET or PES?

Wool felt is excellent for protecting iPads. The fiber composite of wool is softer and cushions much better than most plastic felts. Wool felt is very durable and robust: The felts we use do not cause pilling: the surfaces of the sleeves remain smooth and homogeneous, and the damping properties are usually retained longer than the life of the iPads including accessories. Many plastic felts with a pleasant feel and look are already unsightly after a short time and often dishevelled with many nodules. When you buy, make sure that the quality feature is 100% virgin wool.

Why are the cases and bags for the latest iPads always available for immediate order at werktat?

As a small manufactory in our workshop we have the possibility to react very quickly to new iPad sizes and to deliver the matching cases for the tablets. The cases are basically only produced in small quantities and are handmade with a lot of work. Size changes can be done immediately after announcement of the measurements - if necessary by cutting by hand - without detours and external suppliers. Most of the sleeves are produced individually for the customer immediately after the order and then shipped.


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