Felt & leather

Ecological aspects are very important to us with our materials.

Our products should be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. That's why we only use felt made of new wool and leather: both are regenerative raw materials that are environmentally friendly.

Wool felt

Felt is one of the oldest textile materials

Sheep wool can be felted and strengthened by moisture, heat and friction. The result is a homogeneous textile fabric, the wool felt. The raw wool is cleaned and processed into a fleece. Then the fibres of the wool are firmly connected to each other by mechanical walking and hammering in combination with warm and soapy water, and then randomly intertwined and interlocked. The high-quality felt we use, made from 100% pure new wool, is water-repellent and the surface sheared.


Made in Germany

The felt we use, produced in Germany, is environmentally friendly and compatible in accordance with Ökotex 100. The raw material for the felts we mainly use is very fine and high-quality merino sheep's wool.

Filz: The artist Joseph Beuys became world famous with it.

Where he got it from was his big secret. And around its symbolism, he made a myth.

Characteristics of felt

Felt has many characteristics that make it very valuable, such as heat and sound insulation, heat resistance and easy care. In addition, wool felt is skin-friendly, crease-free, elastic, malleable and permeable to air. Wool is a natural, renewable raw material. It is biodegradable or compostable and thus returns to the natural cycle. Felt is inherently flame-retardant and does not burn. Temperatures up to approx. 220°C can do little harm to it.


Durable and supple

Leather is a supple, tough, strong, durable and naturally versatile material. It is almost waterproof, yet breathable and allows air and water vapour to exit. Our leather is of high quality, as sustainable as possible, not too fashionable, stylish and convincing in terms of craftsmanship. With the leather we use, we take great care to ensure that the product and the leather are as environmentally friendly and low-polluting as possible.

Attributes of leather

Leather is breathable and has a pleasant feel. It is kind to the skin, and has natural elasticity. Leather adapts to the devices during use, offers longevity, is tear-resistant, durable and protects against moisture. The timeless, classic material impresses with its special natural look and becomes increasingly attractive when worn and used due to the resulting patina. As an environmentally friendly material, our leather is easy to dispose of, biodegradable and reintegrates into the natural cycle.

Leather tanning

And leather processing

We prefer to use vegetable tanned leather from Germany. Natural tanning agents are used for this. No PCP-containing and no AZO dyestuffs are used for the dyeing. The retannage and fatliquoring takes place with natural raw materials. The finishing, if necessary at all, is based on solvent-free water-based emulsion paints. We do not use any exotic leather types in order to avoid wild animals being taken from nature for leather production.

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